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Silk Heatless Curls UK
silk heatless curl kit
Silk Heatless Curl Band
Silk Heatless Curl Kit
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Silk Heatless Curl Kit

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Create beautiful bouncy curls, with our 100%  Mulberry Silk Heatless Curl Kit. 
You may have already attempted curling your hair using the dressing gown belt technique, but found the hair to be a little frizzy afterwards. Silk will ensure that your hair is hydrated, protected and smooth; producing elegant and effortless curls, with no damage to your hair. 

The Silk Heatless Curl Kit Contains:

Silk Curl Band
x2 Silk Scrunchies
1 Claw Clip
How To Card
Organic Cotton Travel Bag

How To Use:
Ideally start with slightly damp hair, but can also be used on dry hair. Brush through hair and divide into two sections. Place the curling band equally across the crown and secure with the claw clip. 
Take a small section of your hair at the top of your head close to your parting and wrap it around the ribbon away from your face. 

Gradually work your way down the ribbon, adding more hair each time and wrapping until all the hair is wrapped around the band. Now secure with a scrucnhie.

Repeat on the other side.

You can then bring the two sections to the back of your head and secure with a hair tie for extra security and comfort whilst sleeping or preparing your make up. 

Great results can be achieved after just three hours as long as the hair is dry, but best results will be achieved between 6-8 hours and ideally overnight. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase will maximise the effect by minimising any friction whilst sleeping. 

Browse our Instagram feed for videos on the different looks that can be achieved, depending on whether you want big and bouncy curls or more natural beach waves. 

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