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What is Mulberry Silk and how does it benefit the hair and skin?

What is Mulberry Silk and how does it benefit the hair and skin?

Mulberry Silk is the highest quality silk on the market and what Silk Jasmine uses to make all of its products.

How is Mulberry silk produced?

The unique thing about mulberry silk is how it's produced. Silk worms produced from the Bombyx Mori Moth are fed an exclusive diet of mulberry leaves.

It's thanks to this exclusive diet that this exquisite material is produced.
Mulberry silk threads are stronger, smoother and finer than any other variety of silk in the world.

So why is mulberry silk good for the hair and skin?

The super smooth texture of silk means less friction and less friction means less sleep wrinkles and less bedhead! Silk is also less absorbing than cotton, which means the expensive beauty products that you put on your skin at night are absorbed by your skin and not the pillow! Less friction also means less irritation and so is perfect for sensitive or acne prone skin. As well as not absorbing your cream silk also absorbs less oil and dirt and is therefore more hygienic. Other benefits of silk include:

Machine Washable
Quick Drying 
Bed Mite Repellant
Long Lasting 
Anti Ageing
Temperature Regulating
Anti Bedhead
Reduces Frizz
Reduces Split Ends
Protects Extensions (Eyelash & Hair)


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